Statement from the ESCI-UPF director and manager

Extension of the measures in relation to face-to-face teaching

Given the pandemic's evolution, ESCI-UPF is extending the measures adopted at the beginning of this second term, concerning teaching, throughout February. The classes usually held in conventional spaces will be held in virtual format, and only the practical classes carried out in technical spaces with extreme vigilance and protection measures. Libraries will remain open as long as health conditions allow, with the opening hours, either in person or at a distance, specified on the website of the UPF.

If the health and University authorities open the possibility of carrying out any face-to-face activity before the end of the term, the University will adopt it. In this case, students who continue to be affected by mobility restrictions will be guaranteed the distance learning provided for in the learning plan for the subjects of the second term.

We reiterate the call for individual and collective responsibility in this phase of the pandemic. ESCI-UPF has taken all measures to make our building a safe space. Still, these measures are of little use if each of us does not always and everywhere maintain hygiene and distance measures and if we do not make proper use of the mask when we go to campus buildings to carry out some of the permitted activities.