Research in International Studies and Economics

The Research in International Studies and Economics (RISE) research group focuses on two lines of research in the area of applied economics and international business. The first line uses micro- and macroeconomics and quantitative techniques to study competitiveness in economies and the evolution of international markets. The second line analyses the operational processes and strategies of intentional business in different industries. RISE has carried out over 30 projects in recent years.

All the researchers have extensive experience in carrying out research and consultancy projects and most have a PhD in Economics or Business. The RISE research group comprises Dr Rosa Colomé Perales (PhD in Business Organisation from UPF), Pelayo Corella (Content Strategist at ESCI-UPF), Dr Joan Pere Plaza i Font (PhD in Political Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Dr Jordi Puig Gabau (PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from UPF), Dr Joan Ribas Tur (PhD in Economics from UPF), Dr Tomislav Rimac (PhD in Management from IESE), Dr Mercè Roca Puigvert (PhD in Management from the University of Leeds), Dr Marta Segura (PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from UPF) and Dr Ramon Xifré (PhD in Economics from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid), who is the group coordinator.

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