Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing

We offer a four-year programme. The first two years focus on core and required subjects, while the third and fourth years are given over to required and elective subjects, which vary depending on whether students have opted for international business or marketing.

Students can choose to specialise within both options: Asia, Europe or worldwide for students studying international business; and marketing or market research for students studying marketing.

Firmly rooted in our philosophy of learning by doing, students are required to do a mandatory three-month, full-time company internship in their third year.

In their final year, students have to present their Bachelor's Degree Final Project to a board of examiners. This project should be an original research project that applies the knowledge students have acquired over the course of their degree.

In keeping with our ideals as travellers and explorers, students can take part in exchange programmes with overseas universities. 

Overview of credits

ECTS CREDITS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Core Subjects 36 24 - - 60
Required Subjects 24 36 16 28 104
Elective Subjects - - 24 24 48
Company Internship - - 20 - 20
Bachelor's Degree Final Project - - - 8 8
Total 60 60 60 60 240


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