Careers Advisory

ESCI-UPF Alumni offers face-to-face, personalised advice to all ESCI-UPF alumni to help them find a job or enhance their employability. The aim is to maximise our former students’ professional opportunities by helping them hone their personal skill set.

We offer advice in areas such as:

  • Managing job offers
  • Designing CVs and LinkedIn profiles and preparing for interviews
  • Career paths
  • Changing career path

We can help you with your career

If you are still unsure about your possible career paths, ESCI-UPF can offer you expert advice on what direction to go in. Our specialists will advise you on how to sell your own particular skill set, show you how to hone your profile and help you prepare for job interviews. You can also attend talks on how to bolster your personal skills.

Employment opportunities

ESCI-UPF also runs a specific employment office to match alumni profiles for each course we teach; you can access this space free of charge for as long you want and make the most of the personalised communication between companies and alumni.