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You will get to know another country and another culture whilst perfecting a language

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With the ESCI-UPF exchange programmes, students have an international experience and expand their knowledge while putting their multicultural skills into practice and strengthening their education in international business.


ESCI-UPF’s exchange programmes are governed within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and by bilateral agreements with internationally renowned business schools and universities. In addition, in the second year, the innovative ECOTOPIA programme allows the students to spend an entire year at one of the partner universities and acquire international training in Economics, Management, Finance and Business, focused on sustainability and with European certification.


Competition for places on exchange programmes is tough, so you need to be well prepared in the following areas:

  • Good academic record (students’ average score is the main criterion for awarding places)
  • Good command of the language of instruction at the university where you want to study (many places stipulate a minimum level)
  • Strong motivation and firm academic commitment

You need to start preparing early to give yourself time to make all the necessary contacts and complete all the required procedures. You should also bear in mind that grants and financial assistance are limited; students are expected to cover transport costs, among others, themselves.


Exchange programmes offer the following benefits:

  • It is a unique opportunity for personal growth
  • You acquire new knowledge and expertise that enhances and rounds out your CV
  • You diversify your skill set, ready to take on new challenges and able to adapt to change
  • You learn about living and working with people from different cultures
  • You can increase your command of languages
  • You mature as an individual and as a professional

If you’re in your third year and are keen to gain professional experience in an international environment, broaden your options for professional development, discover other cultures and ways of working and hone your language, communication and interpersonal skills, then you’ve got the ideal profile for taking part in an overseas internship through the Erasmus+ traineeship programme.

This EU-funded programme enables university students to do traineeships in companies or institutions in other European countries. Up to three months’ funding is available. These traineeships have to be authorised and supervised by ESCI-UPF in just the same way as any other internship.

Traineeships may be done in any country (other than Spain) that is a member of the European Economic Area (which includes all the countries in the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) or Turkey; and in any eligible company as per Erasmus+ regulations (a company is understood to be any organisation of any kind and any size that carries out an economic activity in the public or private sector in any industry, including the social economy).

Erasmus+ Traineeships Regulations (catalan version)


Ecotopia is a unique Bachelor's programme, co-developed by seven of the ten universities in the EUTOPIA alliance, an alliance that wants to build the university of the future, aiming to become, by 2030, an open, multicultural, federated operation of connected campuses.

Ecotopia is passionately committed to empowering the global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We strive to ignite their enthusiasm, boost their confidence, and prepare them for a dynamic, interconnected world. Our graduates will be nothing short of experts in an array of key disciplines - be it Economics, Management, Finance or Business - depending on their chosen academic focus.

ECOTOPIA goes beyond traditional education. We nurture versatile individuals with a broad intellectual horizon, instilling a lifelong zest for continuous learning and collaboration. Choose ECOTOPIA and join the forefront of enlightened, progressive thought.


The Ecotopia programme runs in parallel to the first, second and third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. 

A limited number of places are offered to first-year ESCI-UPF students to participate in the Ecotopia programme. The selection process takes place between September and March and will be based on students’ academic performance and motivation for international learning.

The full-year Ecotopia exchange takes place in the second year of the degree. When abroad, ESCI-UPF students will essentially study the same courses they would take in Barcelona, including the foreign language of their choice. The students will also gain access to an Erasmus+ Programme scholarship for their exchange.

Upon completion of the Ecotopia programme, ESCI-UPF students are awarded a títol propi from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


Partner Universities

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Exchange programme success in figures

  • 90% of students who take part in an exchange programme are very satisfied with their experience
  • 73% of lecturers believe students who have been on an exchange programme receive a better academic education
  • Students who have been on an exchange programme are 54% more likely to find work, compared with students who haven’t
  • 72% of graduates with some experience of international mobility think they are now in the right job, and their level of satisfaction is higher than average
  • Companies, organisations and institutions believe graduates who have been on an exchange programme are better prepared to take on responsibilities and also earn higher salaries

Carta Erasmus d'Educació Superior 2021-2027

Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)