Company Internships

The mandatory internship programme was one of the foundations of the ESCI-UPF project and remains a key factor in explaining the rapid success that students taking the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing have in finding a job.

The unique relationship between university and business plays a crucial role in students’ education, given that their internship enables them to acquire skills and knowhow that can only be found in the workplace.


What is the difference between mandatory and extracurricular internships?
  • Mandatory internships are linked to the Company Academic Internship required subject.
  • Extracurricular internships are optional once students have completed 50% of their degree. They are not linked to any subject. Students’ job responsibilities should be related to the degree programme.
How many hours do students have to put in?
  • Mandatory internships: a minimum of 450 hours.
  • Extracurricular internships: a maximum of 800 hours, but there is no minimum per academic year.
Part time or full time?
  • Mandatory internships: Year 3 students do a part-time internship from January to March and a full-time internship from April to June.
  • Extracurricular internships: part time or full time, depending on students’ study load.
Does the company have to pay National Insurance contributions?
  • Mandatory internships: the company has to pay National Insurance contributions but will be fully reimbursed by the government.
  • Extracurricular internships: the company has to pay National Insurance contributions and will not be reimbursed.
Are students covered by any kind of insurance?

All students on internships are covered by ESCI-UPF’s third-party liability insurance policy. Students aged 28 or older have to take out their own private insurance policy.

How is the agreement signed?

On the secure digital Xolido portal, which works effectively for all three parties.

What does it cost to sign the agreement?

The agreement is free of charge.

Are student interns paid a minimum amount during their internship?

Yes. ESCI-UPF sets out the minimum amount students should be paid for the work they do as interns: €200/month for part-time internships and €300/month for full-time internships.

Can students continue their internship once they have graduated?

No. The educational cooperation agreement finishes once students graduate. At this point, ESCI-UPF plays no further part in their employment path.




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