• International marketing in the digital world
  • Web and mobile marketing
  • Web design
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Online sales strategy
  • Client relations, business models and new technologies
  • Working in a digital world of international marketing
  • Master’s degree final project | Personalised advice and assistance to draw up an international digital marketing plan aimed at promoting a product or service in a specific country.


  • Acquire a global vision to design digital strategies in companies with an international vision
  • Apply new forms of marketing with cutting-edge digital technologies
  • Master new technologies to integrate in the right strategies for any given country, product and client
  • Apply UX/UI, SEO, content marketing and social media to communicate better
  • Grasp the potential of big data and artificial intelligence in gathering and analysing data and designing and implementing strategies, as well as content creation and optimisation
  • Use CRM to master customer loyalty and retention tools
  • Design e-commerce sales strategies and e-marketplaces for B2B and B2C


  • International vision
  • Crosscutting knowledge
  • Mastery of digital tools
  • Taught by professionals actively involved in today’s business world