Knowledge and Innovation for the European Trade Challenges

EUKIT–Knowledge and Innovation for the European Trade Challenges is a Jean Monnet Module approved by the European Commission in August 2020. Over the course of its three-year implementation period, it aims to:

  1. Consolidate and expand teaching and research on the EU Common Trade Policy at ESCI-UPF.
  2. Introduce content creation and teaching innovation experiences that can raise the quality of ESCI-UPF’s teaching and dissemination.
  3. Encourage public debate about the EU Common Trade Policy and, in particular, contribute to helping a wider audience engage with this critical policy field, while also collaborating to combat disinformation.

In order to achieve these objectives, EUKIT contains a varied set of activities for teaching, research, dissemination and creation of materials designed to have a positive impact on this module’s various target audiences. Moreover, and in line with ESCI-UPF’s founding mission, EUKIT is fully committed to breaking down academic walls and playing an active part in spreading knowledge about the governance of international trade and the key role that the EU plays within it.

The EUKIT team is made up entirely of ESCI-UPF’s full-time staff. However, the project will also draw from a rich vein of external collaborations with academic and non-academic experts in this field.

Welcome to EUKIT!