Alumni Benefits

Alumni email

Once you have graduated, ESCI-UPF is keen to keep in contact with you and offer you a range of services to boost your professional development.

All ESCI-UPF graduates have an email address that identifies them as ESCI-UPF alumni. If you still don’t have one, fill in the form, and you’ll have a personal email complete with Google Cloud G Suite tools.

In addition, this email account also lets you access ESCI-UPF offers of employment and will keep you up to date with all the latest activities at the university.

Employment Office

As an ESCI-UPF graduate, you can access an extensive database of offers of employment from companies through your Alumni email account.

You will find this a useful tool if you are thinking of changing career path, are interested in keeping up with the latest news in your industry or want to take part in the forums, among others.

Offers of employment



You’ll get 10% off all ESCI-UPF courses, including postgraduate, continuing-education and executive courses.


If you have previously studied a degree or a master at ESCI-UPF, you are entitled to a discount of 20% on the UPF-BSM Masters and postgraduated program tuition fees (those programs with more than 15 credits).

Exclusive UPF benefits

All ESCI-UPF alumni are free to use UPF facilities whenever they want and they also get a range of discounts.

Want to find out more about our discounts?

Lectures and courses

You can come to any ESCI-UPF lectures or courses whenever you want—just let us know.