Chairs and Research Groups

Research groups

At ESCI-UPF we deliver teaching and educational programmes to pass on knowledge. And as thinkers we also carry out academic research and design knowledge creation projects to help move the world in the best direction.

We carry out research in different areas of economics and business, such as international business, corporate social responsibility, life cycles and environmental management, among others.

We have a highly qualified team of full-time lecturers, PhD holders and researchers, and over 60 associate lecturers with teaching and research duties, a third of whom have a PhD. Places are offered to research assistants for specific tasks. Albert Carreras is professor at the Department of Economics and Business at UPF and director of ESCI-UPF International Business School, where he heads all our institution’s academic activities.

There are three research groups at ESCI-UPF: the MANGO Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility, the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, and the Research in International Studies and Economics (RISE) research group.

Research groups