The Master of Science in Sustainability Management program is structured around four core pillars to provide a comprehensive understanding of sustainability.

Students will engage with all compulsory subjects and have the flexibility to select six optional subjects from these modules. A dedicated tutor will be on hand to guide you through these choices, aligning them with your personal ambitions and professional interests.


Students will enrich their learning journey with our curricular internships in companies, recognised as two optional subjects. These provide practical insights and hands-on experience, enhancing the understanding of sustainability in a real-world context.

The Master's Final Project will punctuate the academic journey in the second and third terms, a chance to showcase the knowledge the student has amassed throughout the program.


Fundamentals of Sustainability

Required subjects

  • Sustainability Concepts and SDGs
  • Sustainability Management Systems

Elective subjects

  • ODS in Practice
Environmental Dimension of Sustainability

Required subjects

  • Environmental Impacts: Causes and Effects
  • Climate Change: Facts, Emergency, Political and Legal Context
  • Product and Environment
  • Carbon Footprint

Elective subjects

  • Green Procurement and Environmental Labelling
  • Energy and Renewables
  • Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle
Economic Dimension of Sustainability

Required subjects

  • Marketing and Communication Fundamentals
  • Economics for Sustainable Development
  • Applied Statistics

Elective subjects

  • Sustainability Communication and Marketing: Social Media, Mass Media
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainability in Logistics and Operations
  • Public–Private Collaborations in Sustainable Projects
Social Dimension of Sustainability

Required subjects

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Law and Jurisprudence
  • Master’s Thesis

Elective subjects

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Internship


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Note: The information on these pages is for information purposes only and may be subject to change in the adaptation of each academic year. The definitive guide will be available to students enrolled in the virtual space before the start of each subject.

Qualification obtained

Once students have completed the course, they will obtain the Màster Universitari en Gestió de la Sostenibilitat / Master of Science in Sustainability Management - Máster Universitario en Gestión de la Sostenibilidad / Master of Science in Sustainability Management official Master Degree, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University. 
Issuance of official Master's Degrees: The amount stipulated in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia) must be paid for the rights to issue the title. This rate varies annually, and the rate in force at the time of application for the degree will be applied. 

Elective subjects will only be taught if a minimum number of students sign up. The definitive list of subjects on offer may vary depending on the academic timetabling for the year in question.