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The best way to learn is by putting it into practice. And here, you will do just that.

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In this Degree in International Business and Marketing, we believe that learning by doing is essential, which is why external academic internships are one of our compulsory subjects. They take place in the third year on a full-time basis.

If the student wishes to undertake more internship periods, they can do so optionally in the first and second terms of the third year and throughout the fourth year. To undertake these internships, the student must have completed 50% of the degree, and the work to be carried out is related to the degree's curriculum.

The academic internships, a process similar to job hunting

Preparation stage. As if they were going to look for a job, the student will learn to create or improve all the necessary tools for an active search, such as the CV and video CV, personal branding, or how to face an interview.

Search stage. During the second term of the third year, ESCI-UPF publishes offers from various companies looking for profiles in line with the Degree in International Business and Marketing, both national and international. Once published, the student can apply to those they are interested in or, if they prefer, search for one on their own, provided they meet the requirements in the ESCI-UPF regulations.

Implementation stage. In this phase, it's time to undertake the internships. First, full-time, from April to June of the third year. If the student wishes, they can extend them either by starting earlier on a part-time basis, from January to March or by extending the full-time period until September. They also have the possibility of continuing them on a part-time basis during the fourth year.

The responsibility for internships is bilateral

Before undertaking the internships, signing an educational cooperation agreement that adheres to the academic program and current state regulations is necessary. Both parties are responsible for what is signed and commit to fulfilling their rights and duties. Also, the student must submit, within the specified deadlines, the documentation requested in the agreement so that the subject can be assessed.

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