Internship Programme

Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing

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  • Internships offer students a real-life work context where they can apply the knowledge and expertise they have acquired in the different areas of their degree, with an international focus.
  • Internships give students the opportunity to hone their professional skills in a work environment and tackle the management challenges posed by international contexts.

Mandatory internships

Students taking the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing are required to do a mandatory internship during their third year.

The Internship subject has three stages:

  • Stage 1 (Preparation). Students learn about, create and/or improve the various tools used to search for a vacancy (CV, video CV, managing their personal brand, interviews, etc.).
  • Stage 2 (Search). Throughout the whole of the second term of the third year, ESCI-UPF posts offers of internships from Spanish and international companies looking for an ESCI-UPF profile for their company. Students may apply for as many offers as they wish. In parallel, they may also actively look for their own offers of internships on their own initiative; in this case the company in question must meet the requirements governing ESCI-UPF internships.
  • Stage 3 (Internship). Full-time mandatory internships take place during the months of April, May and June. Students also have several options for extending their internship: they can do a part-time internship from January to March, they can continue a full-time internship through to September, or they can do a part-time internship in their fourth year, depending on their timetable.

What does it involve?

  • The parties sign an educational cooperation agreement in accordance with the provisions of the course programme and current Spanish legislation.
  • The parties are bound by this agreement in terms of both rights and obligations.
  • Students are required to produce the documentation stipulated in the agreement by the deadline set by their internship supervisor in order to assess their performance.

When will I do my internship?

Full time in the third term of your third year, with the option of continuing part time in your fourth year (extracurricular internship).


Which departments fit well with an ESCI-UPF profile?

International Expansion






What kind of company can I do my internship in?

  • Mandatory internships can be done in Spain or other countries.
  • Companies may be small, medium-sized, large or multinational; private companies or public organizations; associations, national or foreign chambers of commerce; NGOs, transitory companies, logistics operators and public administration, etc.
  • The companies can be from different sectors: the main criterion will be that the training project for the student is related to the management of some aspect of international business.

Examples of centers and types of internships (spanish version)

Are mandatory internships assessed?

Yes. The assessment criteria are set out in the subject curriculum, which will be posted on the virtual classroom, where they will be available to all enrolled students.

Students who choose to do their internship in an SME can either work in several departments in parallel or carry out crosscutting tasks.

Required languages beyond English



  • Offers of internships will be posted from the end of the first term of the third year and throughout the whole of the second term.
  • ESCI-UPF regularly posts offers of internships from different companies interested in the BDIBM profile.
  • Offers are only available to students who have enrolled for the Internship subject (there is a specific virtual classroom for this subject).
  • Students have a limited amount of time in which to reply to offers.
  • Students may apply for as many offers as they wish, provided they are genuinely interested and the offers fit their profile and goals. They may undergo several selection processes at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: Students may actively look for their own offers of internships on their own initiative. The ESCI-UPF Internship Department will validate any offers to ensure they comply with the necessary requirements.

  • ESCI-UPF makes any interested students’ CV available to the company in question.
  • The company will contact any interested students directly to arrange an interview.
  • Once a student has been chosen to do an internship at a company, they should confirm that they will do their internship there and should immediately withdraw from any other selection process they are undergoing.
  • ESCI-UPF will draw up the educational cooperation agreement to formalise the internship.