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REBO2VINO is an innovative initiative aimed at exploring the implications and feasibility of a method to reuse glass bottles in the Spanish wine industry, following the principles of the circular economy. As part of this effort, market research will also be conducted, as well as the development and execution of an experimental trial, coupled with the launch of digital platforms.


The REBO2VINO project's primary aim is to study the feasibility and impact of reusing glass bottles in the Spanish wine industry, and it encompasses several detailed objectives:

  • Assess the scale and genuine possibility of implementing this method in Spain and understand the interest and stance of wineries regarding adopting reusable packaging.
  • Develop and test a standard reusable bottle prototype in Spain and endeavour to facilitate its potential recognition at the European level.
  • Identify and study the main challenges, limitations, and advantages of adopting this model in the Horeca sector.
  • Conceptualise and execute a pilot test of the bottle reuse system, including digital solutions, to trace its origin and determine its feasibility from the technical, financial, and environmental perspectives.
  • Develop a practical guide to procedures.
  • Create a straightforward calculation tool that advises wineries on the environmental benefits of reusing bottles based on their specific characteristics and conditions.
  • Develop a communication strategy to promote bottle reuse in the wine sector.
563721 €
finançament europeu (EU Next Generation)

operational group

To carry out the innovative REBO2VINO initiative, an Operational Team has been established with a scope beyond the autonomous communities, led by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV). This group brings together various entities representing all aspects of the production chain in the sector, including companies, associations, federations, and academic centres.

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Content Manager: Beneficiary partners of the operational group

Managing Authority responsible for the implementation of the EAFRD aid: Dirección General de Desarrollo Rural, Innovación y Formación Agroalimentaria

EAFRD Manager at the European Commission: Rural Development

Total project investment: 563,721.90 euros, fully funded by the European Union through funds from the European Recovery Instrument (EU Next Generation).