Academic advisory

Welcome session

The Welcome Session equips new students with all the relevant information they need to settle in at university. This session also serves to arrange language proficiency tests.

Introductory sessions

The mandatory training sessions, which need to be arranged before the start of the academic term, aim to even out ability levels in different areas (mathematics, statistics and the international context).

Tutorial action plan

The Tutorial Action Plan for Students (PACTE) (Spanish version) provides students with personalised monitoring over the course of their degree. Their allocated tutor will give them individualised advice, support and orientation in academic, personal and professional areas, and will offer assistance with any other specific needs they may have.

Towards the end of their degree, the Tutorial Action Plan dovetails with the ESCI-UPF Careers Advisory Service and also focuses on monitoring students’ Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (TFG).

Language proficiency assessment

As part of UPF’s Multilingualism Action Plan, and in order to ensure students reach the minimum level of proficiency (B2) in a foreign language, ESCI-UPF offers students the following language proficiency assessment system:

  • Language Diagnosis Test (PDL), which assesses new students’ level of proficiency with regard to the required minimum level for a third language and initiates training.
  • Language Competence Test (PCCL), a single- or multilevel test for all students to accredit the minimum level of proficiency (B2) in a third language.
Careers advisory service

The ESCI-UPF Careers Advisory Service is a comprehensive programme that accompanies degree students until they are in employment. It comprises three stages:

  • Mandatory company internship GNMI
  • Extracurricular company internship
  • Career Services Program: group and individual careers orientation activities

In parallel, the UPF’s Professional Careers Service (SCP) offers services to past and future graduates. Its actions and services include:

  • Campus Treball (university-supervised employment portal for companies and students/graduates)
  • Career Services Events

Student Guide

Students at ESCI-UPF have access to a wide range of services and resources to help them during their time at university. This guide contains key information on what’s on offer at ESCI-UPF and where to turn to with any queries you might have.