Housing service

Barcelona Centre Universitari (BCU) offers extracurricular services to the community of foreign university students studying in Barcelona. Through the BCU, Resa Housing offers comprehensive housing services to international students and researchers.

Student halls of residence

Halls of residence are a good option because they offer accommodation and a whole raft of services to help students with academic and university life.

Halls of residence

Other resources

Social programme

PFU is involved with two alternative housing programmes:

  • Programa Viure i Conviure [Living Together Programme]. This initiative provides company for elderly people living alone. Students on this programme get free accommodation and other benefits.
  • Projecte de Lloguer Solidari [Affordable Rent Programme]. This project offers affordable rented rooms to university students aged 35 or under. It enables families (including single parents) and elderly people to rent out a spare room to help make ends meet.