Prize for best Bachelor's Degree Final Project (TFG) on Planetary Wellbeing

Planetary Wellbeing is understood as an extension of the concept of Planetary Health towards a wider range of areas related to wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary work between social sciences, humanities, life sciences and technology. In this sense, individual and social well-being becomes a general objective of society, whose multidimensional nature includes wealth, equity, environment and other public goods, such as health and education.

UPF promotes a transversal, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary action in the field of Planetary Wellbeing and wants to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the set of complex, interrelated and systemic problems facing human, animal and planetary wellbeing, as a global ecosystem, and in the identification of integrated, innovative and interdisciplinary solutions to these problems.

ESCI-UPF considers of interest to contribute to knowledge and promote research and dissemination of studies, facing the challenges of sustainability, that transform the world towards a better situation and can be applicable to mitigate climate change, through the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change.

The prize for the best Bachelor's Degree Final Project in Planetary Wellbeing is jointly organized by the UPF and the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF.

Call for applications 2022

The application deadline is 18 July 2022  

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