Enrolment for ESCI-UPF students

Enrolment deadlines

  • Ordinary enrolment: you should self-enrol on SIGMA from 20/07/2023 to 26/07/2023; you will be called in order of your academic transcript score, including up until third-term grades (excluding retakes).
  • Extraordinary enrolment: you should apply on SIGMA on 13/09/2023 and 14/09/2023; you will have to pay a surcharge on your tuition fees.

SIGMA Self-enrolment 

Access is via SIGMA username and password

Tuition fees and payment options

  • You should choose one of the following payment options:
    • 100% of tuition fees upon enrolmentó.
    • 50% of tuition fees upon enrolment and the remaining 50% between 1 and 10 February of the following year.
    • In instalments: a down payment of 28% upon enrolment by promissory note and the remaining 72%, plus a €200 surcharge, in 9 instalments, from September to May, by direct debit. You will need to fill in a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. Payments will be debited from your account on the 15th day of every month. You will be charged €50 for any direct debits returned unpaid. If you change bank account, you should fill in a new SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and notify the university Administration before the start of the month when you want the changes to take effect.
  • Payments made upon enrolment should be made by promissory note. As part of the enrolment process, make sure you download the necessary promissory notes and then pay by one of the following payment options:
    • In person at a CaixaBank ATM with any bank card (check your card limit beforehand) or at any Banco Santander office.
    • Online: at CaixaBank online, regardless of whether you are a CaixaBank customer or not; alternatively, Banco Santander customers can use their online banking service.

Promissory notes have a set expiry date, after which they become invalid. Should that happen, please email Administration to have a new one issued (you will be charged a fee for issuing a new one).


  • Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics tuition fees
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing tuition fees

Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics

Read through enrolment instructions carefully (in Catalan).

Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing

Read through enrolment instructions carefully (in Catalan).

Scholarships and discounts

ESCI-UPF awards several scholarships based on our students’ academic performance and on students’ family income. The Scholarship Committee sets the size of scholarships and determines how they are allocated.

If you are entitled to a discount on the government-regulated component of tuition fees, you should bring the necessary accreditation (original or photocopy), or an application to renew it, if possible by 1 July or, at the very latest, before the start of the first term (in which case the discount will be applied to the February payment).