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Statement by the ESCI-UPF director and manager

Forecasts until the end of the first term regarding face-to-face teaching

Following the guidelines of the PROCICAT,  the agreement of the CIC and UPF’s statement, ESCI-UPF will maintain the virtualization of all teaching as possible until the end of the term. The activities carried out in the building may continue normally. Exceptionally, from the 30th of November, the direction may also authorize other practical teaching activities, tutorials, or small format seminars, provided that the teacher responsible for the subject has also explicitly provided online attention for students who are unable to move to the building.

The period, format, and conditions of the first academic term's assessment period are maintained as planned.

ESCI-UPF states that the building is a safe space. All the necessary safety measures have been taken (hygiene, disinfection, ventilation, signage, availability of hydroalcoholic gels, and masks). The restriction of attendance has been adopted exclusively to help reduce population mobility.

As for the second term forecasts, we will report on them by the end of the current term, on 23rd December.