Courses and faculty

The aim of the ESCI-UPF Barcelona Summer School is to allow the students to delve into the international business environment by teaching them the main keys of cross-cultural negotiation and paying particular attention to sustainability development and entrepreneurship opportunities, especially in the European context.

  • A good command of the English language is required

The courses will adopt the format of masterclasses with an active approach to learning, promoting the active participation of the students. During the sessions, the deepening of theoretical concepts will be integrated with the review of current news and the analysis of case studies and articles to understand the practical applicability of the concepts in the contemporary context.


Recognised professionals from the ESCI-UPF faculty from the academic and business worlds who, with their experience, have created a Summer School programme that harmonises a solid theoretical foundation with practical knowledge applicable to current businesses. This balance will provide students with a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary education taught by professionals committed to excellence and the achievement of innovative objectives.


At the end of their programme, participants receive a Certificate of Completion. Approximately one month after completion of the programme, participants will receive, by email, an official Transcript of Records mentioning the courses taken, the ECTS credit value of each course, and the marks/grade points obtained.


Registration fee: 150 €

1 week-course 3 ECTS 550 €
2 week-courses 6 ECTS 900 €
3 week-courses 9 ECTS 1.450 €
4 week-courses 12 ECTS 1.750 €


Cancellation policy

All fees associated with the ESCI-UPF Barcelona Summer School are non-refundable under any circumstances, except if the programme is not offered due to a lack of participants. The minimum number of participants for the programme to open is 15.

Please note that, in the case of programme cancellation, ESCI-UPF cannot be held responsible for any travel, visa, and/or accommodation expenses that prospective participants may have incurred before or after programme cancellation.

It is the sole responsibility of participants to apply for and obtain their visa (if applicable) in a timely manner. The rejection of a visa application or late visa delivery is not eligible for a refund.

Due to the limited number of slots available, any withdrawal from the programme means that a place is lost and prevents another participant from joining the programme.

Please be aware that the students are solely responsible for the airfare, accommodation, and visa costs (if applicable). We highly recommend that participants take out travel insurance for these matters.


To enrol students in courses, we require valid documentation and full tuition fee payment at the time of registration confirmation. The application will be rejected if we have not received the tuition fee by the deadline.

Please thoroughly investigate your needs and options and choose your summer courses on a well-informed basis. Once your course registration has been confirmed, you will not be able to change your registration.

You can withdraw from the programme and have the tuition fee refunded by emailing ESCI-UPF Barcelona Summer School no later than 31/05/2024.