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The US-EU trade relations. Time for a change?

Dia: 2021.01.18
Hora: 13.00
Lloc: online

EUKIT, the ESCI-UPF Jean Monnet Module on "Knowledge and Innovation for the European Trade Challenges" is glad to announce the talk "The US-EU trade relations. Time for a change?", held online on Monday, Jan 18th, at 01:00pm (CET).

Dr. Mark Jeffery, associate professor in URL, will join this event as key speaker.

Many ups and downs have challenged the transatlantic trade relations in the recent years. The failed negotiations on the TTIP, the US trade strategy carried out by the Trump Administration and, of course, the long-run consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have all played a role. Nonetheless, the US and the EU are still among the leading economies in the World, and their relationship still stays strategic for both. Is it Time for a change?

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