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University regulation : Regulations


Course regulations

Academic regulations for bachelor’s degrees (Spanish version)

Regulations support programme for top-level athletes

Regulations for admitting students who have already started a degree course (Spanish version)

Regulations for upgrading an old-style degree
Turning an old-style Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade into a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing (catalan version)

Regulations for part-time students (Spanish version)

Regulations for recognising credits for university activities (Spanish version)

Regulations on academic accommodations (Spanish version)

Level of competence in a second or third foreign language (Spanish version)

Regulations governing admission and enrolment on UPF official degree courses for students who have studied in a non-EU member country or one without an international agreement (Spanish version)

Resolution of 22 January 2018 establishing a new procedure for disposing of exam papers and other course documents that have been kept(Spanish version)


Verification report for the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing (spanish version)

Government authorisation for official degrees and registration in the Register of Universities, Establishments and Degrees (spanish version)

Company internships

Regulations on Company Internship subject (spanish version)

Instructions for Students’ Company Internships

Addendum on Students’ Company Internships, 26 march 2020 (catalan version) 

Bachelor's Degree Final Projects (BDFP)

Regulations on Bachelor's Degree Final Projects (Spanish version)

Classes on Bachelor's Degree Final Projects (catalan version)

Addendum on Bachelor's Degree Final Projects 2019-2020 - COVID19 (catalan version)


Regulations on mobility (Spanish version)

Regulations on exchange programmes (catalan version)

Minimum course progress requirements

Minimum course progress requirements


Tutorials for bachelor’s degree students

Visiting students

Visiting students


Regulations concerning economic aspects when enrolling on official courses (catalan version)

Fees table GNMI (spanish version)

Fees table BDBI (spanish version)

Scores and evaluation of academic records

Scores and evaluation of academic records

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Student Disciplinary Procedure (Spanish version)

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