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Master’s Degrees

Study for a master’s degree at ESCI-UPF

ESCI-UPF master’s degrees have their finger firmly on the pulse of the business world. They are all painstakingly designed together with ESCI-UPF teaching staff in close collaboration with in-service professionals with proven expertise in tackling the key challenges faced by companies day in, day out.

ESCI-UPF specialises in international business, and its master’s degrees approach the world of internationalisation from multiple perspectives and areas of knowledge. Alongside the official Master of Science in International Business (taught entirely in English), we offer professional master’s degrees in international trade, international retail and the use of digital marketing to break into new markets.

Our master’s degrees

Why study for a master’s degree at ESCI-UPF?

  • You can draw on the extensive experience of a school that has specialised in internationalisation since the day it opened.
  • ESCI-UPF master’s programmes are taught by a wide range of in-service professionals eager to share their day-to-day experience of the business world with students.
  • The course contents reflect the real-life experience of companies looking to break into international markets.