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MANGO Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility

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In 2006, MANGO and ESCI-UPF signed a collaboration agreement to set up the MANGO Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility. This chair aims not only to train future professionals but also to create knowledge in the business world and disseminate information of general interest.


  • Investigate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in depth and analyse the sustainability of economic and business activity. 
  • Create knowledge, drive analysis and spark debate on these questions and share findings with the public.
  • Promote research into CSR and related areas.

Projects and publications

The MANGO Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility carries out a range of different projects:

  • By combining academic rigour and practical relevance, the MANGO Chair in CSR explores different aspects of CSR, with particular focus on the international context. The aim is to help create knowledge on the best ways to incorporate CSR into companies’ international management and their increasingly globalised supply chains. The findings of the research projects carried out are published in the form of working papers and in specialist academic journals.
  • Every year we carry out a “CSR in International Companies” case study, which aims to track a company as it develops and implements CSR policies in both its country of origin and the countries where it operates. By identifying the model used by the company under study, we can learn about implementing CSR in other companies, especially those that also operate in an international context.
  • The MANGO Chair in CSR organises the “CSR Promoters” series, aimed at CSR directors in public and private institutions. Through an interactive focus, sessions combine expert presentations with practical group work. By exploring practitioners’ challenges and achievements, we can learn about actions and projects to improve CSR strategic management.
  • The MANGO Chair in CSR supports the Smile (Social Innovation Lab) project, which brings together an open community of innovative students to tackle social and environmental challenges.



Dr Silvia Ayuso

Academic director of the MANGO Chair in CSR – Researcher

Xavier Carbonell

Executive Education Director – Director of the MANGO Chair in CSR


Dr Alba Bala

Researcher for the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change - Head of the waste management line

Dr Rosa Colomé

Associate professor – Director of the Careers Advisory Service

Dr Pere Fullana

Director of the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change – Researcher

Dr Jordi Puig

Associate professor – Director of studies for the BDIBM

Dr Joan Ribas

Associate professor

Dr Mercè Roca

Associate professor – Director of the MScIB

Dr Marta Segura

Associate professor

Dr Ramon Xifré

Associate professor – Director of research

Other research groups of interest

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