Internship Programme
Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics

The key role played by computing in technological development and innovation, and the growing demand for broad, interdisciplinary education, calls for professionals able to work at the cutting edge of technology, science and biomedicine in clinical, business or academic environments.

The BDBI includes doing a compulsary internship in participating companies and institutions in the fields of academia, biotechnology, clinical health or any other areas linked to bioinformatics.

Students who completed elective internships in 2020-2021
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Compulsary internships

Students may do a compulsory internship in a public or private company or institution working in a bioinformatics-related area. This academic internship should have a length equivalent to 20 ECTS credits.

Students should spend about 60% of their time at the company or institution in question and divide the remaining time between attending tutorials and working independently to produce a report in accordance with the structure set out in the course guide.

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