Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) at ESCI-UPF

ESCI-UPF has always been firmly committed to sustainability and has followed a process of continuous improvement and progress from day one. The results of this approach can be seen in the school’s organisation, its training and research programmes and its endeavour to forge ties, raise awareness and transfer knowledge to society.

Article 1c of its statutes defines one of its main purposes to be international training and research in the field of sustainability and environmental management.

In addition, the school’s Global Activities Plan (2014–2017) stipulates that one of its strategic lines of action and key institutional investments should be to boost research activities in the fields of business internationalisation, environmental management of business activities and corporate social responsibility.

CSR department

ESCI-UPF set up a CSR Department in October 2016 to work with management to define policies and take measures in the necessary areas inside the institution itself and in its other spheres of activity, both internally and externally.

This Corporate Social Responsibility area on the school’s website will serve as a hub for all these actions. One of the first tasks to be carried out was to work with other staff and departments to draw up the ESCI-UPF Sustainability Report.

Department director

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On the basis of these principles and objectives, ESCI-UPF has defined and set out the following five sustainability commitments vis-à-vis its stakeholders:

  • With reference to the institution itself, management, actions and operations at the school shall be carried out within an ethical framework. This scope encompasses all aspects related to human, workplace and environmental rights and good governance at the institution.
  • With reference to fostering and passing on CSR values to all students, both personally and in terms of organisational management, the school’s curriculum shall include subjects and activities covering all these aspects, which shall be updated to take account of new international environments and challenges.
  • With reference to research, all aspects of research in the field of sustainability shall be worked on and promoted by means of specialist Chairs, research groups and Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Final Projects.
  • With reference to collaborating with and transferring knowledge to society, both locally and internationally, research findings and expertise shall be shared at meetings, events and conferences. Further action in this area shall be carried out by taking part in and supporting CSR-related initiatives in keeping with ESCI-UPF’s activity and objectives.
  • With reference to communicating CSR, ESCI-UPF shall set out its policies, objectives and actions in the field of CSR in the form of clear, simple and rigorous Sustainability Reports compiled in accordance with set models and containing all relevant points and aspects.

Corporate social responsability framework

The aforementioned set of policies, procedures and specific documents make up ESCI-UPF’s Corporate Social Responsibility/ Sustainability Framework. This Framework is the point of reference for designing procedures and drawing up specific documents in the field of sustainability at the school.